Sunday, May 23, 2010

Am i a hopeless romantic ?!

What is a hopeless romantic, well the definition of 'hopeless' is "beyond hope; desperate" and the definition of 'romantic' is "passionate or fervent; a romanticist". With a little bit of swift brain-work you will surmise that a 'hopeless romantic' is 'a desperate romanticist' and i am afraid that i am a bit of a hopeless romantic. For the past 4 years whenever asked "do you want to get married" i have habitually said "i never want to get married". Until tonight i had never questioned this statement. Tonight i finally talked to the ticket boy at the movie theater, i have wanted to talk to him for a while. Why we were talking i found out that he is just as interested in me as i am in him and at that moment i completely forgot that utterly naive statement "i never want to get married". I have never wanted to get married because life has already taught me that everything is temporary. Move number 19 has shown me that a home is only temporary. The privation of one of my best friends ,who i considered my sister, has shown me that even friends and family can be temporary. Even that bubbly feeling i got in the pit of my stomach when the ticket boy said "i hope to see you again" is now completely absent. So does that sudden and brief moment where i forgot the incredibly bold statement"i never want to get married" make me another hopeless romantic. Am i just another girl who will from day-to-day deny the prospect of true love and yet allow myself the be completely lost in the ticket boy's smile. Do all of these elements make me a hopeless romantic, you tell me.